If you want to attract love, be more loving!

Once upon a time, I met a man who evoked loving feelings in me very quickly.

It was like he had something in his energy that made women love him, as I am sure I am not the only one who felt like that in his company.

He was around ten years older than me and definitely not the type of a man that I would ever normally have been interested in because I had a pattern of dating younger men.

And so I started to wonder what it was about him that made me feel like this. What was it that I was so attracted to?

Then I realized that it was because he was a very warm and loving person and, because of this, he actually emanated the energy of love.

He had been divorced for about a year, had two children whom he loved very much, a dog he loved very much, a cat he loved very much and the same went for his friends, family and all the people around him.

He was simply very loving, used warm and gentle words and we all know our world needs more people like that.

He WAS love so, for him, attracting love was a simple thing because we attract who we are.

If we ARE love and we are emanating this energy towards everyone around us, of course, that love will come to us in all shapes and forms.

We evoke in others what we are putting out there.

If we give love and act lovingly, we create an abundance of love around us

Because he was living in this state of abundant love in his life, he was very attractive to women around him without needing to do much.

It was simply in his vibe.

Do you see how different that is to chasing love from the place of having lack of it inside us?

If you feel as if you are not attracting love to your life, ask yourself, “Am I acting open and loving to people around me?”

“Do I give love and act lovingly towards people in my life and do I stay in that supportive and uplifting vibe? Or am I totally shut down, judgemental or harsh towards others, simply uncaring, inconsiderate and only interested in myself?”

“Do I act loving towards myself, embrace and accept all parts of me with love? Or do I judge myself or beat myself up, believing the nasty voices and the limiting beliefs while abandoning myself?”

If acting lovingly is the energy you are putting out to the world, it must come back to you, just like it does to this man I talk about.

If you want to receive more love, give love and be love.

To Your Ability To Always Stay Loving,