Your 'Love With Ease' Story

Taylor, Los Angeles, California

I have been a student my whole life, as I feel most alive when I am learning and healing, gathering tools and ways to help others do the same, specifically in relationships and communication, so I’m not new to workshops or trainings. That being said, I was extremely surprised at how many aha moments I had during Andreja’s training.. One of the biggest “aha’s” was how the things that I grew up watching my mom (and many other women) do for my dad, were actually MASCULINE energy behaviors. Of course, they both felt resentful, disconnected, and turned off! Having this awareness began to unravel and expand my feminine energy already but then Andreja provides practical tools to help further embody that. From the feeling meditations and visualizations to the “scripts” (some can be used a word for word if you choose, but I love how she gives the formula to follow so that it is easy and authentic!!), I highly recommend opening up to receive these powerful feminine energy secrets. It truly could change many relationships into long-lasting, intimate, real, and fulfilling ones!! Fascinating and really remarkable how empowering it is for both people!