Your 'Love With Ease' Story

Sarah, Toronto, Ontario

I suffered from anxiety and depression, and my love life was non-existent. Men treated me very poorly and regularly disappeared on me. Most of the time I was single and felt very frustrated and unhappy. Then I found Andreja. Her blogs and posts really resonated with me, and after seeing her on Zoom, something inside me felt better and more hopeful. I recognized immediately that I wanted to learn more from her. I had savings for a new car, but decided that investing in myself was more important than having a new car. It was a very hard decision because I had never done something like this before, but as I was so low energetically, I recognized that I urgently need to do something to get myself up, and it seemed that Andreja might help me.

Oh wow, how right I was! Her energy is so positive, optimistic and relaxed, and very firm. We spent the first few months just on getting me on the right path with my life, beliefs, and mindset, and with releasing the sadness, fears and worries that I was overwhelmed with. Because of my depression, I started out feeling very unmotivated about doing homework, but after about 8 weeks I felt so motivated and energized. Releasing and seeing what is inside me was not the easiest thing. Andreja explained to me that this was all part of my healing process.

She was so right! After 8 weeks I was ready and equipped with many tools to start dating again. I felt very connected with my inner queen energy, and I also improved my outer experience and started to feel like a woman again. It feels as if I have come back to life with this work! It is magical, life-changing work and the best gift you can give to yourself. Now I am still in the process of actively dating, practicing feminine energy in the company of a man, and life feels good again. I have my personal goals set, and Andreja pushes me to follow them. She keeps me accountable by checking in on me all the time.

Sometimes I want to run away and quit because of the pressure I feel coming from her side, but I know it is for my own good and happiness, and it’s working really well so far. I just keep going even when it feels hard. She is very direct, and it can hurt your ego a bit, but again, I know it’s necessary for me to hear that! Sometimes I get annoyed with swiping through profiles or I get lazy with checking my messages, but then I remember my goal and keep going. Dates feel really fun now when I go on them with the purpose of practicing my new-found tools. I was very masculine and a control freak in the past. I had so many negative thoughts, and now I can say I have control over my feelings, and I know how to release them and change my emotional state in a few minutes. That is one of the biggest gains from this work. Everyone asks me what happened to me and why am I so much happier, relaxed and better looking. It is the result of saying “YES” to me and choosing the unknown instead of the old. I have never been more proud of myself and cannot recommend this work enough to everyone. I feel great in my own skin and very hopeful about my future, which is a miracle if I compare this with the past.

Dear ladies, you are in good hands with this lady, and she is worth every penny! My life has been totally transformed in only 5 months. Thank you so much, Andreja <3 <3 <3. I will forever be grateful and will recommend everyone to come and work with you. Looking forward to the months ahead with you!