Your 'Love With Ease' Story

Loreena, Dublin, Ireland

You are kind yet firm and very loving coach! I am so happy that you showed up on my path! I will forever be grateful for your help. You helped me so much. I know that what ever I am going through, I will always have your guidance and that makes me very peaceful. Dear ladies, there is no question on which Andreja doesn’t have an answer! She helped me to fall in love with myself again, to treat myself as my best friend, to feel my feelings and become safe to express them while I was repressing myself in the past and attracting abusive men who were taking advantages of me. I was confused and allowing them to treat me like a doormat because I didn’t know any better. Andreja saved me and I feel alive again and just a year ago I was feeling useless and very very angry towards myself and blaming myself and felt very ashamed of myself. Today I feel not only alive again, I feel like a bloody Queen! I feel so much more empowered and in control of my emotions. I attracted an amazing man into my life and he is talking about marrying me. Andreja still pushes me to date others at the same time until I am not married and I am listening to her because I know she knows what she is doing. Your positivity, enthusiasm and happy vibe are contagious! Keep up with the great work!