Your 'Love With Ease' Story

Lisa, Boston, USA

In a typical fashion I would say ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5 hearts.

The information and story lines give you an insight to the reasoning of men and their motivations. The techniques and directions, especially concerning leaning back have been a living change…not only with men, but general life circumstances.

Lean back, let things unfold.

People who are interested and concerned about you will show you their true colors and will step into share your life… or not.

Yet, moreover, I feel the self empowering messages are the most inspiring.

Using chapter 7 pg. 31, as an example… we must remind ourselves that we are not to blame ourselves when we click with them but they don’t click with us. That is OK. We did nothing wrong. We were just being ourselves. And we will continue to grow in the right direction for us. And looking back at myself, if that man hadn’t been the wrong man for me, I wouldn’t be here… improving my life. He was a blessing in disguise.

Remember, we are uniquely and beautiful us.