Your 'Love With Ease' Story

Jennifer, Michigan, USA

I really wish that I had found Andreja earlier. That would have saved me so much disappointment and hurt.

I have struggled in my past relationships—lots of arguments, power struggles and running from one man to another. When all that started to happen again with the man I am seeing now, I realized that I had to do something about it.

Once you understand how relationships and men work, you learn that there is nothing to feel hurt about. After only a few months of working with Andreja, I learned what she meant when she said that if a relationship doesn’t feel easy to me, it must be that there is something I don’t know and need to learn. The biggest takeaways for me were the new communications skills that I am still practicing with her in each session. I have learned how to connect with my feminine energy and express myself through my feelings, rather than through my head. Everything has changed since I started talking in feeling statements, leaning back and letting go of trying to control the relationship. I learned that there is nothing to feel hurt about once you have control over yourself and your needs. You can then have control over everything that is happening in your love life!

Andreja really helped me identify my biggest downfalls, and now my current almost-broken relationship feels amazing. We are so very happy together, and I still do coaching with Andreja, but not as often as before. I couldn’t be more grateful. She is such a great coach with a deep understanding of what is necessary to have a great relationship.