Your 'Love With Ease' Story


Dear Andreja thank you so much for creating these training. I just finished the dating script and communication trainings they were so very helpful. When a man I was dating was acting wishy-washy, lazy and asking me out the last minute. I gave him the script about feeling turned off and not feeling happy. Well, the results were that he started to call me every day until he secured a date with me at the beginning of the week for Saturday. Another great part was learning the ways we create real connections with men with the heart to heart connection, as my past, I have always thought different and always had poor results. My biggest takeaway and a-ha moments is that I have learned to express my feelings without blaming and actually being heard. This gets results and feels so powerful. I recommend this training for every woman who wants to not only improve herself but get better results in relationships. Thank you again. Ina