Your 'Love With Ease' Story

Alexandra, Los Angeles, California

“So, whether you believe in magic or not, but magic DOES happen once you start listening to “Attract Love Now”. It calms you down, it changes the way you view things, it gives you confidence and inspiration. When I listened to the audio for the first time, it was more, I’d say, informational for me. Like reading Andreja’s book for the first time. It didn’t sink in, it was just like, “ha, that’s something I should write down and put somewhere in front of my eyes”. The next morning I realized that, when I was listening to it, I agreed with the statements. Some. And some seemed too unreal to me. Like, “a-ha, now how am I gonna convince myself that I’m this or that”? I kept on listening every day, in the early morning, before getting up, and at night, before falling asleep. So. On the Day 5th I, all of a sudden, started FEELING it. Not only I stopped doubting that I’d ever believe in and will agree with some of the affirmations for myself. But I FELT them, I felt inspired, more confident and stopped panicking and doubting myself. I also realized that BEFORE that I was really hearing only half of the affirmations. And now I started hearing another half, too, understood and felt them.

I continue listening to my “bedtime in-love-with-myself story” twice a day, and slowly learn it by heart, bit by bit. I’m trying to repeat some of the affirmations when I look in the mirror or when I wanna do something impulsively towards a man. I love this audio. It really, really inspires me. If you can’t feel it right away, that’s NORMAL. Just keep on listening, and the magic will happen on its own. And when you’re inspired and don’t focus on certain things anymore, you stop worrying, panicking and therefore leaning forward. I’ve just started practicing the tools that Andreja gives, and this audio serves as a therapist, loving mother and wise oracle combined!”