Don’t Believe Everything You Think

Very often we believe everything that is passing through our heads.

We take it all very seriously.

Taking yourself and your thoughts too seriously is not the way to go!

When you suddenly start to feel worried, scared, doubtful or any kind of negative emotion you need to take that as a sign from the universe that you are attracting the thoughts that are not in an alignment with what you truly want.

When you are clear about your desires and goals and you are going after them in your life, then your thoughts and words need to be 100% in alignment with that.

In other words, you need to catch when your thoughts are not supporting you, define them as “bullshit” and absolutely not allow them to make any impact on you.

That is the beginning of any life-changing inner work – taking care of your thoughts and your mindset!

When I work with my clients, I also advise having a diary where you can write any thought that you recognize as fear or doubt down and then work on it with special release scripts.

On your way to transformation, and in general in life, it is normal to have fears, doubts, and negative thoughts from time to time but what is important is that we acknowledge them and don’t allow them to INFLUENCE US or affect our vibe or our emotional state.

If your thoughts are influencing you in a negative way, you are being controlled by them and in this way it will not be possible to bring positive changes and results into your life.

Doing a little bit of inner work is crucial in the process of transformation and manifestation of our true desires.

Don’t believe everything you think!  It is just energy passing by.

Don’t give more strength to negative thoughts by clinging to them or believing that they are true!

If your thoughts are telling you something that makes you feel bad, it is a lie! Don’t trust it! Let it go, release it!

We are not creating our thoughts, we are attracting them!!

You are not your thoughts but you have the power to decide which ones you attract and which ones you release.

Make a good choice and give your brain a nice lunch and dinner today 🙂 🙂

If any of you need some help with this, let me know in the comment section or in a private message.

Lots of love,