Stay Playful


Are you the kind of person who makes other people smile and laugh or are you the one who takes everything very personally with a serious look on your face?

If the latter is you, I need to tell you that you need to cheer up!

Even if you have some negative reactions towards particular people or circumstances, remember:

You are just attracting your thoughts.



When you are awake and conscious in the present moment you have the power to choose which thoughts you believe in and keep and which ones you need to release, like straight away.

When you are triggered by negative emotions and have a negative reaction, it is actually something that you can release in just a few seconds.

You don’t need to feed them and stay in that energetic space for many minutes, hours or even DAYS!!

You don’t need to ride that horse and take it all so seriously and believe in it!

Whenever you are not in a “good mood”, try to track the thoughts that made you feel that way and replace them with more supportive and positive thoughts.

It is SO important in your love life, and in your life in general, to not take yourself too seriously, nor take other people, situations or anything else with too much severity.

How seriously you take yourself, or not, can be the measure of your mental health.

A mentally healthy person takes everything with lightness and flexibility and doesn’t take herself and her ego too seriously.

She can laugh at herself.

You need to take life easy and lovingly.

Seriousness is a disease, the greatest disease of the soul, while playfulness enables the greatest health.

Usually, the ladies who overthink and have a lot of masculine energy have a tendency to live their life from the neck up, which means being totally absorbed in their thoughts.

Because you found me and I appeared on your path with all the concepts that I teach, you have the power to change this all around.

I want to remind you, one more time today, to drop your thoughts down to your pelvis and open your heart.

Release all that “crap” that is going on in your head and start to feel your body.

Put some music on that you like and dance.

Jump for joy even when you don’t have a reason to. This will make your body get used to being more relaxed and happy and will loosen up any hardness.

Smile at people and try to make them laugh. Give them compliments.

Play whenever and however you can.

Be grateful that you are alive and write a list of all the things you are grateful for at the moment.

When you go on a date and he asks you where you want to go, suggest going to a place where there is an activity that you can do together and practice playfulness with him.

It could be bowling or pool (billiards) or maybe table football.

You can say something like, “Bowling would feel awesome”.

I believe it’s awesome to go and play at something on the first date, even if you are not too good at it.

I always encourage you to have fun on your dates, to practice all the tools that I give you, yet still make it a joyful and playful process, even if you don’t like the person you just met.

If you ask men what one of the most attractive qualities in women is, they will reply, playfulness.

So ladies, don’t take yourself, your thoughts and your reactions too seriously.

Let go of the dramatic, negative and nasty ones.

Remember to stay playful, light and cheery, no matter what else is going on.

Take things with ease.


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Lots of love,