SIM Dating

If you often need to ask yourself where you stand with someone, maybe it is time to stop standing and start walking.”

One of the ways in which you can “start walking” is definitely by SIM dating which is one of the fundamental concepts of my Love With Ease coaching system.

SIM dating means simultaneously dating more than one man.

If you don’t like going to clubs and you don’t have many social activities to attend, online dating is the best solution for you to find potential dates.

Another great option to meet new people is to check out “meetup activities” in your city.

Even if you DO have a very active social life and have been invited on many dates, there are never too many invitations and offers.

I want you to feel very abundant regarding your possibilities.

Don’t get yourself stuck on just one person who may be a long way away from the idea of making you his wife, even if he has been dating you for a while now.

Choose a few of your best photos, upload them on to at least 2 or 3 online dating platforms then sit back and wait for the messages and invitations for dates with other men to roll in.

It is that simple and will help you to not get fixated on that one man who keeps you wondering if he is serious about you or not!

Of course, if you wish, you can choose to be sexually exclusive with just one guy and this method will allow you to accept invitations to innocent coffee dates and walks with other guys too.

The theory behind SIM dating is that until you have a ring on your finger, you need to keep your options open.

Men generally don’t feel any kind of commitment to you until they propose to you, even if you are exclusive.

In their minds, they are just dating you.  Even if you have been together for years.

Their lack of full commitment to you, in their heads, means they can change their minds at any time and you need to protect yourself by having other options. This way, you are keeping your vibe high.

In the case where you feel very much in love with one of them, you should be SIM dating even more.

I know this might sound shocking especially when you hear it for the first time but in most cases it is a necessity.

Don’t be lazy or make excuses as to why you are not dating or why you don’t have time for it at the moment.  We always find time for things that are important for us and you need to create time for dating in your dairy if long-term success in love is your goal.

Leave emotions out of the first phases of dating and observe a man’s actions very objectively.

When you do start dating someone, lean back and note his actions rather than his words.

Only by leaning back will you be able to understand what he truly has to offer and if he is capable of leading a relationship.

If you are very interested in a guy, wait as long as possible to sleep with him.

Instead, spend time observing objectively how much of his time, energy and feelings he is ready to invest in you and whether he is stepping up. Your only job for the first few months is to observe his actions and his level of investment.

You can keep him as one of the guys you are seeing but please don’t invest too much time in wishy-washy or hot and cold guys because that is a recipe for your emotional disaster.

It is time to start walking, my dear, if he keeps making you wondering where you stand with him.


Lots of love,


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