Keep calm and put your crown on!


You know that in my Love With Ease system of tools it is all about adopting a Queen mentality.
I want you to remember to embody your Queen today.

Put your crown on dear Queen.

Don’t look back!
What has happened in the past is long gone and our past is not our future!

You can have a much better future if you are ready to learn new things, new ways of being and gain new love skills, all of which I can help you with.

Imagine now that you are on a bridge: it can be a wooden one or metal one; it can be very high in the air, or less high; it can be short or long; part of a city or close to a castle; or whatever else comes to your mind.

You are standing alone in the middle and there is your happily ever after on the other side.

You meet different men while being on that bridge.

Imagine you like a man who is hot and cold or unfaithful and/or breaks up with you.
Or you are in love with a man who is not interested in you enough.

What do we have the urge to do when something like this happens?
We tend to jump off our bridge for him and totally lose ourselves.
We forget who we are and that we are not here because of a man.

Dear Queen,


No matter what happens with a man you have to be happy enough and healthy enough and balanced enough to not allow yourself to lose yourself for him.

Don’t jump off, into the river, because a man has left your bridge!

The right one will take your hand and lead you to the other side.

How does imagining that make you feel?

If we embody our Love Queen energy,  then we won’t lose ourselves, or damage ourselves emotionally, just because one of those guys have left our bridge.

You never make any man that important, especially if you are just dating him and not even married to him!

Being impatient and full of bitterness and disappointment because that is not happening fast enough will also not serve you.

As long as you are very proactive in a sim dating process with a very positive mindset, in the process of getting new love skills, in becoming more feminine and learning many life-changing precious secrets, you will attract someone, sooner or later.

You are important!

Standing on that bridge and moving forward is important.
Your future happiness is important!

If up until this moment you haven’t got the results that you desire, take some time and work on yourself!
Be ready to invest time and energy into learning how to create a better future for yourself, with better results!

Always remember who you are, know your worth, stay connected with your inner power, and stay strong with your crown on!

You are the opposite of weak and low-spirited!
You are strong and loved and much more than enough, and you need to feel it and be aware of it in order for the men around you to feel it too and treat you like a high-value woman!

If you don’t feel your worth and your power, and you don’t act from that place, how then will anyone else?

Keep the keys to your happiness in your own hands, and never put them in the hands of your relationship status, or a man you are dating, or in a relationship with, because then they are not in a safe place and you could lose them easily.

Keep your happiness in the hands of your goals and daily progression on your path of growth in which ever area you have decided to progress.

Grow and progress in something that has nothing to do with any man!

Stay on your bridge dear, and don’t ever jump off into the river of low emotional vibes/disappointments/sadness/pain/hurt/chasing him/overthinking/ overdoing/leaning forward just because someone didn’t turn out to be as you expected!

Embody your queen energy, always keep your state positive and happy and shine your inner light and the right man will take you there, to the other side! 🙂

Lots of Love,


P.S. This post was inspired by my beautiful teacher Rori Raye, the gorgeous Love Queen and the modern sirene that I had a pleasure to be taught by.