These two trainings offer you around 4 hours of very intense learning, “aha-moments” and discovering secrets which will help you attract the right man for you and connect with him in a way you never imagined was possible.

Also, you become very clear what masculine and feminine energies are and when we should or shouldn’t embody each.

Benefits of this training:

  • discover all about feminine energy so you can become much more attractive to your man and men around you
  • become aware of your behavior (is it feminine or masculine) so you can prevent pushing good men away with  masculine energy behavior
  • discover why your feminine look, lovely dresses and high heels are not enough to be feminine energy woman
  • learn 5 very powerful tools you can start practicing from today onwards and be amazed how relaxed and at ease you will start to feel in a company of a man
  • become aware of why is it crucial to choose to embody your feminine energy with your man in order to create a connection, safety, romance and keep that spark of tension alive
  • learn to speak the language of your heart and your feelings instead of using the language of your thoughts
  • learn how to connect with your feelings and express them in a way a man can hear, understand and connect to

In those trainings, you will receive very concrete feminine energy tools which you can start practicing straight away and watch how they change your life, baby-step by baby-step!

I take you through each tool so you can feel that powerful connection with your feminine power straight away.

All in all, my loves, you don’t want to miss this!

This is the basis of my Love With Ease method and if you are interested you should start with this.

In Part One, I focus on explaining in depths what feminine energy is and how to embody it. When you finish the training, you have the chance to check your knowledge with replying to 46 questions and sending it back to me and I will be happy to give you my feedback.


Part One:


In Part Two, it is all about the communication mastery. I explain in depths what feminine way of communication means and how to do it. I give you practical tools to start practicing straight away and I also give you scripts for the most common dating scenarios. At the end, you also have a chance to check your knowledge with responding to 24 questions.


Part Two:


Many marriages and relationships are broken because people don’t have this knowledge, so these recordings are the Holy Grail of relationship knowledge.

Make sure you get it!