I help them discover and recognize whether they use too much of their masculine energy and controlling behaviors in their relationships. I teach them what is necessary to stop doing in order to get much better results with their man or men they are dating. Teaching you how to re-connect with your feminine energy and embody it in a company of a man is the most important part of my work!

The essence of my work also includes very powerful tools, techniques, and concepts that will empower you to the extent that you will be able to experience what loving and valuing yourself hugely really means and how it’s done.

I can help you to re-connect with your inner power and claim it again and become the Love Queen.

l can teach you the secrets of attraction and the most common attraction killers.

My love life wasn’t my strongest point and made me feel empty and gave me that FOMO feeling as if I was missing out on something that was never happening to me- fulfillment and happiness in my love life which was all the reflection of my lack of self-love and feeling of self-worth which reflected in having no boundaries with men, tolerating bad behavior and being far from being a self-conscious high-value woman in the world of dating.

I was totally disconnected from my feelings and living from my “neck-up”, most of the time just absorbed in my thoughts (as most women are) instead of from my feels which made my vibe very masculine and made me a very controlling type of a woman.


During that period, in my 20’s very often nothing was happening at all with men because they couldn’t stay long with me while having that vibe or, if they would, that would be those emotionally unavailable men. You know those kinds of men who are the real pain in the ass for keeping you wondering all the time where you stand with them, hot and cold or giving you just crumbs or acting unloving which of course is never enough to feel at ease. They bring a lot of fear, insecurities, and unsatisfied longing to your soul and actually mirroring your own inner state of self-love and self-worth.

After another painful and totally disappointing experience, I came to my breaking point.

I really had enough! I decided I won’t put up anymore with any crap- whether my own coming from my excuses or denial or from guys that were far from giving me what I truly deserved. I was ready to do and try anything in order to get different and better results! I felt tired of experiencing pain, disappointments and simply wanted to be happy!

I became aware that if I don’t do something about this, I run the risk of developing a bad general health that might then affect all the other areas of my life. I was aware that from experiencing a lot of dramas, disappointments, heartaches, bitterness, unsatisfied desires our heart and the whole energy and immune system becomes weaker.

I also witnessed on my parent’s example that unresolved problems and repressed emotions in marriage can be totally destructive for the health. I knew that I needed to start doing things differently in order to get different results.

My journey of exploring and searching for answers included buying and studying numerous audio coaching programs and e-books, implementing the new knowledge and at the end, hiring one amazing coach that helped me change all around and gave me many new tools to practice during the following months which all together brought me to the place of FIGURING IT ALL OUT!

After many years of going through trial and errors, I kept learning which things worked out and which didn’t so I can say that I know a thing or two about how men and relationships work even though I always keep learning and growing.


Today I can offer to many beautiful ladies the way and the method that worked for me!

I would love to share with you, my Love With Ease method that brought me where I am today. I’ll show you how you can turn everything around if until now you haven’t experienced success in your love life that you deeply desire.

If I could do it, you can do it too! We can do this together! You are not alone! I am here to support you!

If you are ready to transform your love life, I’m here to guide and to equip you with all tools necessary to achieve it. I want to teach you what to do and what to stop doing to get the results you want and desire!