The Value Of The Man

Do you ever wonder to what the true value of a man is tied to?

Is it in his looks or does it depend on how smart or charming he is?
Is it about the car he drives and a great career he has?
Or maybe how much he makes you laugh?

The value of a man is directly tied to HIS LEVEL OF HIS INVESTMENT IN YOU.

You might believe that a man you just met is awesome and yet if he is not willing to invest in you, he is worthless to you!

You need to check how much he is ready to invest in you- his genuine interest, his time, his energy and his feelings.

If his level of investment in you is low, he has no value as your potential partner even though he might seem like a great or very interesting or attractive man.

Many ladies overlook this by being too invested in a man.

Before you even start considering an exclusive relationship with a man you need to check does he really believe that you are an amazing person?

Does he really find you awesome?

Do you feel as if his energy is really coming to you and can you feel that he REALLY likes you?

You want to be around men that are THRILLED to be a part of your life, and who are “ALL IN”!

You don’t want to be around those who are liking you just a little bit, on and off or “kind off”.

As soon as you signal that they are NOT “all in”, say “Next” and let them go and save the space for those who will be “all in”.

Guys can only love you and respect you as much as you love and respect yourself.

Take the “I want to fall in love with you immediately” kind of emotions out of beginning phases of dating!

I see this happening over and over again. Us women are longing to feel loved and cared for and are approaching dating in a too emotional way from the start.

It is like we are looking for “falling in love as fast as possible” and totally confusing the feeling of chemistry with love.

When you will meet a man who is really right for you, it can happen that you will not even recognize him as such!
Maybe you will not even be attracted to him at first! But he will recognize you!

That will be something so much different than what you thought it would be because until now you were picking men based on “chemistry” you would feel for them.

This time, it will not be a chemical reaction such as “heart beating fast, knees go weak, hands shake and you are out of yourself kind of feeling”.

When you meet the perfect partner for you, you will feel calm and relaxed.
No fear and no anxiety or agitation.

So for that reason, if you can take this urge for “falling in love fastly” out of the initial phases of dating, that will do you good.

Have enough faith to continue dating men who treat you well and believe you are amazing, even if you are “not feeling it straight away” for them.

Keep dating them even if you don’t find them so interesting or very attractive at the beginning but you see that they are really “into you”.

You need to be very clear from the start about how you want to feel with the man that is of a great value for you and in your perfect relationship.

If a guy is not “all in” and is not very excited to keep spending time with you, ask you questions and have a real interest to get to know you, your job is to say “Next” and free that space!

Not observing that as a call for “more action” from your side and investing even more in him.

No, my dear, turn around and smile to someone who believes you are amazing and who makes you feel great.

Someone who can see how awesome you are and how happy he is to have you in his life.

Don’t waste your time on wishy-washy, hot and cold or guys who make you feel anything less than great.

The value of a man is equal to the level of his investment in you.


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