Your 'Love With Ease' Story

Cristina, Milano, Italy

I had the pattern of being attracted to unavailable men and always pining after them and disliking those who wanted me. I experienced many dramas and started to feel very unwanted. I lost faith in ever finding a guy with whom there would be a mutual healthy attraction and connection. My self-esteem was non-existent. After our call, I decided to work with Andreja because I knew that I would end up sick and unhappy if I kept feeling as I was feeling. What I like about her is that she can easily see through you and identify where the main issues are and how to fix them. She told me that not loving myself is my main problem and that she can teach me how to do it. She explained to me that after I do the self-loving work, everything will change for me. Oh boy, there is a lot of work for me to do! I feel a little bit overwhelmed sometimes with all the homework and weekly tasks but then I remember that it is necessary to do it if I want to experience this transformation. I already feel so different. I have learnt how to recognize and catch my negative thoughts and not to believe them. I am starting to feel much more relaxed in the company of men and the way they react to me has started to change. When I smile at them, they smile back at me. Just until recently I was hiding from guys, being very shut down, looking down at the floor when men were around and wanting to escape communication. I felt very insecure and shy around men after all the experiences that I have been through. Now it has all changed because Andreja taught me about the power of our mindset. I have totally changed the way I think about myself and my future partner with the audio I listen to regularly. I also practice other tools in the company of men that help me to open up and connect with my feminine energy, which I really enjoy. I can now experience loving myself truly and deeply. Andreja taught me how to be very compassionate towards myself in any situation, no matter what is going on. There are so many things to learn and change but I have already started getting great shifts and results. I love working with Andreja very much! If you want to feel happier, lighter and more hopeful about your future and also connected with your inner power, she is the person to get you there quickly! The quality of men I am attracting has changed and I can see a huge progress in this short period of time. I would definitely recommend working with Andreja because this method is great and she is a fantastic coach!