If you are single and feel tired of getting bad results in your love life; experiencing disappointments, heartbreaks, pain, and confusion; or a lack of passion, romance and understanding with your man, I can help you quickly change this all around and start to feel better.

Love With Ease private coaching is all about helping you attract the right man for you and build a lasting and loving relationship with him or, if you are in a relationship, to bring back passion and intimacy to it.

You get my full attention and laser focus on your own situation. Together we work on identifying what your biggest challenges and blockages are regarding your love life and then we work on removing them permanently and as quickly as possible. This is where I hold your hand, support you and nurture you, or sometimes give you “tough love” in order for you to change this all around so that you can start to feel empowered and in control of yourself and your love life with a much higher competence level in the “men and relationships” department.

In order to bring about real and lasting change in your love life, I would need you to be ready and committed to spending at least 4 months intensive coaching with me. Your starting investment in yourself will be £2800. You can either make this as a full, one-time payment of £2800 or you can pay in 3 or 4 monthly installments.

I am a certified and trained relationship coach and also graduated from the Teachers Academy, so I have ”credibility”, but to me what is much more important is that I have been through this process myself and still use all the tools that I am coaching women in. I have progressed from valuing myself very little with men to a very empowered energetic position of always putting myself first. I lifted myself up from being controlled by many negative emotions and limiting beliefs about myself, men and relationships, to the place of stability, happiness, high confidence and competence, peace and clarity where I can sustain my vibe in that kind of energetic state. In the past, I was far from having that control.

I have made all the mistakes that a woman can possibly make in love and dating myself and turned it all around with this knowledge. That is to me my most important strength and that´s why I feel 100% confident that no matter how hard or challenging your current dating/ relationship situation is, I can help you out!


“After only 2 months of working with Andreja, I feel like a completely different person- so much lighter, happier and empowered from the inside. “

Lilian, London, UK