The Necessity Of Leaning Back

Dear ladies,

Leaning back is one of the first and most important tools I encourage you to practice on your journey of getting better results in your love life.

To lean back is a very feminine feature and is all about energetically creating a space for a man to come to you.

It is about allowing him to come to you without you needing to do anything besides adopting a strong belief that you are worthy of being pursued and very worthy of being loved by a good quality man without needing to DO anything to deserve it.

It is absolutely enough to just embody your feminine energy because a good quality man wants to love you just because you are a woman and not based on what you “do”.

So how does leaning back in a relationship look like?

Not texting or calling a man first especially first few months of the relationship
As least as possible thinking about a man when you are not in his company
While on dates not initiating conversation. Instead of initiating questions letting him take a masculine role of a leader
Not initiating physical touch or asking him first about his day. Let him come to you.
Letting go of an urge to “make something happen”

In order not to push a good quality masculine man, I suggest you to NEVER do leaning forward activities.

When you Lean Forward, a man energetically feels as if you are going forward into his space and that actually pushes him away.

In a relationship, there is not enough space for both of you to lean forward so one needs to step back in order that one can come forward.

It is like in a dance; if a man leads,  a woman needs to let go of control, follow him and trust that he knows what he is doing.

How does leaning forward in a relationship look like?

The biggest leaning forward activity is chasing a man:
Calling him because you heard or read about something interesting or because someone told you about an awesome event or a concert that you want to invite him to
Asking him why he hasn’t called
Texting him, calling, Facebooking, dropping by his house or initiating any kind of contact
Asking him how he feels
Asking him how he feels about you and where this relationship is going
If you two live together, running for a hug the moment he comes home and asking him how his day was
Doing him a favor even though he didn’t ask you to or offering any kind of help without him asking you
Solving his problems and suggesting solutions
Planning a weekend for you two or inviting him to come to join you at gym or spa or anywhere
Thinking about him all the time
…. and similar

Many men perceive check-ins, offers or invitations as a kind of a pressure or a woman taking on the role of a pursuer.

You might believe that you are just being friendly and kind but trust me if a man is your romantic interest you shouldn’t treat him as a “friend”.

Don’t lie to yourself that you are just being “friendly” if you are interested in something more.

By leaning forward you lower his attraction for you.

If a man is interested in you, he will take the role of a pursuer and you only need to stay energetically open to him, warm and receptive.

I know you can give me examples of some of your girlfriends who texted their boyfriends at the beginning of the relationship all the time and a man still stayed with them.

You can tell me about the examples of the ladies that invited them places and organized and initiated many things and did a lot of leaning forward behavior and still end up marrying that guy.

The thing is that this kind of man is a very feminine energy kind of a man.

A woman who is with this kind of a man sooner or later gets tired of doing all the work in a relationship and she can start to get annoyed with him and maybe even start to build resentment.

It is much better to lean back at the beginning of a relationship so that a man can show if is he capable of taking the role of a leader.

If he isn’t, it is better to find that out as soon as possible before you find yourself in a marriage with him and than complaining how passive and clueless he is and you have to do all the work in a relationship.

From the start, you have the chance to see is your man masculine or feminine energy type of a man and the only way to see that is by leaning back.

Be brave enough to step back and relax in your feminine energy and let him work for you!

Are you naturally more leaning forward or leaning back kind of a woman? Do you find it hard to lean back?

If you have been leaning forward kind of a woman until now, try to practice this tool and let me know how it goes.