A man falls in love when he gives to you

ALLOW a man to give to you!

Stop being a giver or a “cactus” kind of woman who believes she doesn’t need anything or that she can do everything on her own.

Maybe you CAN do it on your own yet still, it feels much better when he does it for you!

Let him be a man and feel like one!

GIVING is a very masculine energy feature and will help your man to fall in love with you.

If you are the one who is giving more, doing more, wishing more in a relationship, you need to change your energetic position straight away!

BEING is feminine!
RECEIVING is feminine!
GIVING is masculine!

If you attract men who want something from you and who demand that you give and do things for them, that means that you are attracting feminine energy men because you are too much in your masculine.

Learn how to be more feminine and surrender to love and to a man!

A man falls in love when he gives to you!

To your allowance of giving and enjoyment of receiving,

Much love,