How do you know he is the right man for you?

How do you recognize a man that is right for you? Your Mr.Right ?

How do we know if a man is “the one” for us or if we should continue our search?

Yesterday I watched a movie, “Beauty and a Briefcase” and it inspired me to write this post.
A lady in the movie had a checklist of what her perfect man should be.

That made me think about the checklists that we are consciously or subconsciously creating while relating to men.

Here are some of the things which ladies put in their checklists:

  • His physical look and intelligence: You want him to be smart, handsome, tall and with beautiful eyes 🙂
  • His job: You want him to have great earnings, a car and a house, if possible 🙂
  • His education: Minimally BA and speaking at least two languages 🙂
  • His sense of humor: You want a man who makes you laugh and laugh 🙂
  • His social life: He should have many friends and a very active social life 🙂
  • His spiritual view on the world: You two should belong to the same church or yoga group or other similar spiritual movement 🙂

You may have experienced how it felt when you met a guy who was a perfect fit to your list of demands but still, the relationship wasn’t that successful.

He suddenly became colder and colder or maybe told you that he wants to be “just friends”.

So why doesn’t a checklist work as the criteria in choosing the right man for us?

Why does it happen that even though some men fit 8/10 on your list but still the two of you go separate ways?

What if I told you that all of those checklist points have nothing to do with attraction and connection and are very superficial?

The only criteria in picking the right man should be: HOW HE MAKES YOU FEEL WHEN YOU ARE WITH HIM AND EVEN WHEN YOU ARE NOT WITH HIM.

Do you feel loved and very important to him and as if you are receiving his energy or do you feel drained, empty or anxious?

Does he make you feel secure and loved when you are together by constantly fulfilling your needs as well as when you are not together by texting you, calling you and giving you the attention you deserve ON A REGULAR AND CONTINUOUS BASIS?

Does he keep you wondering if you are important to him or does he show you with his actions HOW MUCH you mean to him?

And the second very important thing to notice: IS HE A WILLING STUDENT, willing to learn HOW to keep making you happy?

You can observe as to whether he is focused only on himself and not interested in your true needs.

Is he taking care of you only once he has taken care of all the rest of his life such as his job, family, friends, social activities and so on?

Or is he making you, your needs and your relationship success a priority in his life?

His beautiful blue eyes and cute face will not be of any use to you if he makes you feel insecure by not contacting you for days or confused and unloved when he acts hot and cold.

You need a man who will show you with his actions how special you are to him all the time.

A man who will not forget you and will always put your needs first.

A man who will not be wishy-washy and who will not keep you wondering where you stand in his life.

My dear ladies, in order to make better use of your man picker you need, from today onwards, to CHOOSE ONLY TO BE AROUND MEN WHO GIVE THEIR ENERGY TO YOU – the ones that treat you as a priority and not the 46th item on their list.

When a man’s energy is directed towards you, YOU CAN FEEL IT.

He is interested in who you truly are as a person.

He is putting you first, asking about how you feel and how your day went and is interested in your feelings and wishes.
He is really doing his best to GIVE to you and do things that make you happy.

The opposite of that is a man who is trying TO GET something from you, a needy or immature kind of a man whose ability to make you happy is actually very small.

A man who wants YOU to make him happy.

Trust me, you don’t want to be with a man like that! Even if he is smart and very handsome, belongs to the same church, makes you laugh and is very charming 🙂

He can’t be the right man for you if he makes you feel bad, insecure and anxious about his next step.

Remember, it is all about HOW HE MAKES YOU FEEL when you are with him, and when you are not with him, and IS A WILLING STUDENT – willing to LEARN how to keep making you happy.

To Your Success In Love,

Andreja Andrews