Always Focus On What You Want

Dear Ladies,

Sometimes when we have just started seeing a particular guy, we start to worry about things.

Our past disappointments, hurts, fears and doubts find their way to influence us.

You might be asking yourself things like: “Will he be another vanisher (ghoster :)) or will he stay?”

Does he have good intentions for me and is he honest?

How do I know whether I can trust him or not?

It is enough for you to TRUST YOURSELF.

He needs to earn your trust through the period of time by his actions.
What you can do, is stop worrying, and catch yourself when you give attention and energy to your old beliefs or triggers based on your previous experiences.

Your past is not your future!

Always focus on what you want instead of focusing on what you don’t want!

You need to know that the meaning that you give to certain situations and your man’s actions will influence the way you feel.

You have the power to choose to give the meaning that serves you!

If you already make things up, make up the things with outcomes that you desire.
See the outcome that you desire!
Even if you can’t get it with this guy, it will help you look beyond your old patterns and attract that kind of outcome in the future!

For example, imagine this man you just met giving you a flower.
Imagine him next to a lake giving you a beautiful diamond, or a chocolate, or a nice long hug (whatever works for you) and just connect with how that feels.
Connecting with “HOW WOULD MY DESIRED OUTCOME FEEL?” will bring your desired outcome much faster!

Your only job is to focus on how that would feel as many times per day as possible.
Stay in that vibrational state for as long as you can.
Start with a few times a day for 3-5 minutes.

See and FEEL the desired outcome and focus on it.

This is one of the ways to cope with worries, fears and doubts.
I give my clients many more, because the way you cope with your old fears, doubts, worries, self-guilt and similar, actually defines what kind of results you will get in the future.
We want to get rid of, and release your old negative beliefs and thought patterns.
In order to help you with this, I have made a positive affirmations audio mp3.

It will sow the seed of new ways of thinking and feeling about yourself in your mind and soul.

After only a few weeks of listening to this audio on a regular basis, you will feel so different about yourself.
Very soon, when you are alone, those new kinds of thoughts will just start to come up.
You will get rid of your old, false and limiting beliefs forever!

This magical life-changing audio is coming very soon so stay tuned!

I have never been so happy with any product I have created so far, and I will make it very affordable for everyone in the first few weeks of its launch.

Release your fears, doubts and worries when you catch them, and replace them with self-empowering and self-loving thoughts and scenarios in your head, instead of creating fear.

Guys, I can’t wait for you to listen to those affirmations!

Much love xx,